The Heworth Moor House Trust

The Heworth Moor House Trust is the successor to the Mother and Baby Home at Heworth Moor House in York. For many years it has helped single mothers, of all denominations, with support during pregnancy and after childbirth. With the closure of the Home, the Trust's funds are now used to support parents, carers, and children in need.

To help people who live within the Diocese of York, who are in need, hardship and distress as a result of pregnancy or having a child or children.

What we do:
The Trust offers grants up to £250 to help eligible individuals to buy clothing, bedding, buggies, washing machines, tumble dryers, essentials for a baby or household items. The Trust cannot help with debts or give loans.

Do I qualify?
To qualify you must live within the Diocese of York and be the carer of a baby or young child.

How do I apply?
Application forms must be submitted online. Please follow the link. All sections of the form must be filled in before the completed application form is submitted.

Please help us respond to the request for a grant as quickly as possible by providing all relevant information on the application form and attaching any relevant supplementary information.

The application should be completed and submitted by a professional worker such as a Social Worker, Health Visitor, GP, Community Nurse or Priest.

Supporting information must be provided by the sponsor giving any relevant background details that would be helpful to the trustees in reaching a decision. Quotes and/or retailer estimates are required for all applications.

It is important to Heworth Moor House Trust that we provide timely support to families in need. Please help us by giving us feedback on the application process so that we can continue to monitor and improve our service.


Registered Charity No. 230045